The Story


    On the edge of a distant galaxy, life has been thriving in the solar system of the ancient star, Zohneth. Here, humanoid life formed, existing in perfect balance and harmony for thousands of years.

   After discovering their Sun was beginning the violent process of dying and their planets were in imminent danger, all alien races came together and invented the Kyur: a gravitational machine capable of stabilizing the vehement star. No one could have foreseen what happened next.

   The Kyur created an interdimensional bridge. Dimentals, invisible beings from a parallel universe, were released and are infecting the hearts and minds of these once peaceful species. War has begun. Where there had been trust and faith lies chaos and destruction. These malevolent entities want all life to be destroyed. While their existence remains elusive, their influence reigns. Now, all you can do is survive!

   Collect resources to ensure your planet’s stability and control over the Kyur. Strengthen your heart and mind to overcome the Dimentals!

   Who will succeed and hold the power of the galaxy? The elflike Ohv race or the insectoid Zolyog? Find out when you play Dimentals: Unseen Warfare!


2 Players Versus

Ages 12+

1 – 1.5 Hours


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