Light N’ Games Inc. is a board game development company in South Korea with a global focus. With our first release “Dimentals: Unseen Warfare” we hope to show our unique Spectrum Shifted Blacklight Technology to the world. We have many exciting projects laid out for future release and we hope to become a name you trust for great board games at a reasonable price.

Ethan Choi - Founder & CEO

World traveler and avid gamer, Ethan is the mastermind behind Light N Games. He enjoys card based games and escape rooms. He’s stuck in an escape room right now…send help.


Aaron Gall - Creative Director

This jack-of-all trades (master of none) is sharing his talent with us. Given his love of science fiction, fantasy, and strategy, his mission is to bring those elements into the universe of the Dimentals and other future projects.

Troy Caban - Marketing Director

With more than two decades of marketing experience, Troy brings know-how and a love of games to the project. He enjoys all types of games and has claimed infinite irrevocable dibs on the red pieces in any games he plays. (Void where prohibited by law.)

Isul - The Games Master

Isul is our game cafe manager and the first student of the Light N’ Games comprehensive game rules seminar.

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Light N’ Games Inc. is a board game development company which brings fun to the world with help of backers like you.
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